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Course Overview: Information Governance Training

Introduction to the Course

Before diving into the course content, let's explore what you will learn throughout the training.

  • Course Structure: Divided into categories with multiple instructional videos
  • Video Flexibility: Pause and revisit any video during the course
  • Course Updates: Regular updates include replacements and new videos
  • Support Options: Contact us via phone, email, or online chat for any queries

Course Content Overview

Here's a detailed overview of what you will cover in this online course:

Section 1: Understanding Legal Frameworks

  • The Caldicott Report: Explanation of its significance
  • Data Protection Act: Overview of principles and compliance
  • Freedom of Information Act: Understanding access rights and obligations

Section 2: Information Governance Essentials

  • Information Governance Framework: How it operates and its importance
  • Record Management: Guidelines on writing, storing, and sharing information
  • Consent and Privacy: Understanding implications and best practices
  • Individual Rights: Overview of rights related to personal data
  • Information Security: Strategies for maintaining data security

Throughout the course, you will progress through these sections sequentially, gaining a comprehensive understanding of information governance principles and practices.

Thank you for choosing our course. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.